31 January 2015


I’ve been planning on writing a blog of walks I’ve done for quite some time but for one reason or another have never managed to get started until now.  So, for this introduction I’ll try to keep it brief and over the next few weeks will give accounts of some of the walks I’ve done over the years.
From the title of this blog you will guess that I walk with my beautiful Trailhound, Heidi who I have had for since 3 March 2013 and was born on 11 February 2011

I’m not a lone walker so most of the time Heidi and I walk with either my husband, Gavin, my bezzie Brenda (and her partner Paul), or other friends and members of my family. 

Me and my husband Gavin

Hope you enjoy reading about my adventures - watch this space for more to come.  

Paula :)

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