8 June 2015

Howtown to Pooley Bridge - a nice low level walk - 5 June 2015

As the Hubster had only been home a week and hadn't done any kind of exercise in the last 9 weeks (due to working on a very small boat with no exercise faciltiies), we decided our first walk should be a short, easy one to ease him back into walking gently, so we chose a walk from Howtown to Pooley Bridge which I had done previously with my friend Carol.

We zoomed over to Pooley Bridge in time to catch the 11.45 am Ullswater Steamer over to Howtown.  I'm not sure if it was just because it was a weekday but it was very quiet on the launch - there was only about 8 people and one white hound aboard which actually made it quite a pleasant journey as we had loads of room to spread out without Heidi bothering other passengers.  

We had printed out a route from the Ullswater Steamer website, which had very clear instructions but we also took our map and compass - just in case!  You never know what could happen as it's very easy to  miss a turning on any route and end up being "temporarily misplaced".  Fortunately this didn't happen.

 Beautiful views from the outset

 One Girl and Her Dog admiring the view

There were plenty of streams providing water for the Heidster

Well defined paths - only a slight uphill with the added bonus of more fabulous views

The gorse is still flowering adding a splash of colour to the view

Chatting with a fellow walker on the hillside

Not far now to Pooley Bridge

This was a very nice, easy, short walk with very little uphills on fairly wide, well defined paths. We managed to get back to the car just before the heavens opened - phew! that was well timed. 

We all enjoyed this walk and might do it again but in the opposite direction next time - just for a change of view and perspective. 

Distance walked - debatable!  Runkeeper says 4.69 miles but printed route says 6 miles so go figure!  

Anyhoo, I hope you will try this walk on a day when you just fancy a short, easy bimble along a lakeside.  I'd highly recommend it. 

Toodles - Paula :)

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