28 July 2015

Allcock Tarn and Nab Scar - a Lake District National Park guided walk - 3 July 2015

Hi there dear blog reader.  Thanks for taking the time to read my blog - It's been a while since I put pen to paper, metaphorically speaking, but I'm raring to go again.  

The reason for the absence is due to losing my camera while on a walk the day after this one but as you can probably guess, the camera has turned up. This is great because it means I now have the photographs I'd taken and can get on and show you them.  It's not so great because I'd already splashed out on a new camera which couldn't be returned as I'd used it, but hey ho, you can never have too many cameras and it means the Hubster can take one with him when he's at work in Suriname and hopefully be a guest poster on here sometime.  

Notice the jaunty angle of my hat! 

This was a guided walk led by voluntary Lake District National Park rangers and I'd highly recommend them as the leaders generally have a good knowledge of the local history and are very informative. They're ideal for lone walkers, visitors to the area or if you're not an accomplished map reader.  Some walks are free and some you have to pay £5. The only problem, in my opinion, is that sometimes there can be a lot of people on the walks and if you're like me and don't like walking in big groups then they might not be for you.  This walk had around 15 people on it so wasn't too bad but I have heard of walks with over 30 people attending.

We met and started walking from Grasmere. After crossing the road it was a steady climb through Forest Side to Alcock Tarn and up onto Nab Scar with its panoramic views. Our return was via Rydal along the Coffin Route.  We were so lucky that the weather was brilliant and very sunny, so the views we had were absolutely stunning - another walk proving you don't have to walk to high places to get the views.

Heading out of Grasmere

Great view of Helm Crag - 405 m (1,329 ft) 
more commonly known as the Lion and the Lamb

The start of our ascent through the forest track

The views starting to open up

Drink Heidi? 

Grasmere just to the right of the picture

Plenty of room for the group to spread out

Alcock Tarn - Heidi loved the water.  I think it cooled her paws 

Don't drink here Heidi, you'll get a mouthful of  tadpoles!!!

Time for a 10 minute sit to admire the view

The cairn at Nab Scar - 450 m (1476 ft)

Stunning lunchtime views over Windemere

It was nice to get a bit of air on my tootsies

The Hubster admiring the view

All downhill now to Rydal

Taking care not to fall over on this story track

Not far to go now

This was a very lovely walk and once again goes to prove you don't have to do very high level walks to get the views, which is why we do it, isn't it?  

I'd definitely recommend this walk as it's not too strenuous and didn't take all day to complete.  

I hope you might give it a go sometime.  Go on, you know you want to! 

Distance covered - 5.7 miles according to Runkeeper

Time taken - around 6 hours but at a slow pace

Toodles - Paula :)

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