5 April 2015

Rough Crag, Haweswater - 17 March 2015

Having done a walk in this area a few years ago with our friends Janet and Ian, we thought it would be nice to come back to do another as it is a beautiful and serene place to walk. 

We chose a route from one of our walking books - Pathfinder Guide to Eastern Lakeland and find their routes and maps fairly easy to follow. Having said that I sometimes wonder where they get their distances from because we always seem to walk further - or does it only feel like that haha.  The title of the walk was actually "Rough Crag and High Street" we didn't quite make it to High Street.

We parked at the small car park at Mardale Head and set off in high spirits - who wouldn't?  It was a gorgeous, sunny, but cold day.  

Wow, we might see an eagle if we're lucky

The route was clear to follow and we worried that we might struggle as it was quite a steep incline up to a wonderful ridge walk that would  take us over Swine, Heron and Eagle Crag, leading us across Rough Crag on to Riggindale Crag.  The latter was where it was said we might see the eagles but unfortunately they must have been having a lazy day and stayed in their eyrie, out of sight. 

The start of a hard slog uphill

 Looking up towards Swine Crag

 Me and the Hubster with Haweswater behind us

 Onwards and upwards, and upwards and upwards .......

 Heidi admiring the view 

Taking care to pick my way along the stony path

Good job I'm not frightened of heights

Heidi got her eye on a group of walkers down by the lake and wanted to go join them! 

The walk was absolutely amazing but at the time I wasn't very fit and struggled quite a lot as the path was very stony and rocky and was steep in parts.  I have to say that the view from the ridge was very impressive but I find that most ridge walks that we have done are the same.  You can't fault the views in this part of the country.  

Sometimes it was hard to spot the path hidden in the rocks

I feel on top of the world!  

The highest point we made it to on Rough Crag - Phew! 

High Street behind me

By the time we got to this point I was really tired and knew that I was starting to lose energy and wouldn't be able to make it to High Street so we looked at the map and realised we could go straight down the side of the hillside towards Blea Water and pick up a path back to where our car was parked.

Uphills are never easy but I find downhills are often worse and kill the knees and thighs, so we just took our time, picking our way down.  The inevitable happened lol - I slipped and ended up on my backside and got a soaking as the ground was really wet at the bottom and Gavin laughed his socks off but I got the last laugh when he did the same thing later - haha - serves you right!!!!

Blea Water below us

Slowly, slowly, catchee monkey

Almost back to the car and on the level but still nearly "cowped my creels"!!!

Both of us were knackered by the time we got back to the car and were glad we hadn't gone on to High Street but we will go back in the summer and do the walk properly.  Heidi, as usual, could have gone on for another 10 miles.

Don't be put off by how hard I've made this walk out to be, if you fancy it, give it a go and just take your time.  The views from the top are REALLY worth it.

Distance covered - 4.2 miles.

Toodles - Paula :)

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