18 February 2015

Ingram Valley - Sunday 15 February 2015

We planned a walk for this Sunday, regardless of the weather and at a first glance, it was dull and miserable although not raining, snowing nor windy and it turned out to be quite nice in the end.

We decided we wanted to go along Ingram Valley to Linhope Spout as we knew the spout would be in full flow with all the rain and melting snow draining into it so we drove as far into the valley as possible and parked right at the end beside Hartside Farm to begin our walk.  

The route we had chosen to follow was around 8 miles but due to a nagging, ongoing achilles tendon problem I have, I knew 8 miles would be a bit too far for me so we just looked at the map and amended our route using other footpaths that were there, and to be fair, there were loads of them to chose from.  

The countryside around Ingram Valley is serene and calming and definitely de-stresses you and for a short while you can lose yourself in the tranquility of it all.  Bliss!  

The Hubster was taking the photos and said he wanted an action shot

It wasn't a hard walk but it was really nice as the weather changed part way round and the sun actually shone for a while, and we even managed to find some snow to have a little bit of fun with. 

Me and Paul playing snowballs - watch out Brenda!!!

It was great seeing a bit of snow because the Hubster has just come back from working in South America and hadn't seen any snow since last winter.  

We decided to have our lunch  next to the spout and it was wonderful listening to it cascading into the pool below. I just love this place, it's a little bit of heaven on earth!  

Heidi, Dora and Maisie waiting patiently for their sausage - well they have to have their packed lunch too you know! 

It's always great to get out and enjoy the outdoors - can't wait for the next trip out to Cragside Hall, a National Trust property, with miles and miles of footpaths to explore.  

Total miles walked was 5.34 so not a bad bimble.  

Toodles :)

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