27 February 2015

I WILL walk 1000 miles this year!

I decided in January that I was going to get off my fat, lazy posterior and do more walking as I'd read a post on the Country Walking facebook page about taking a challenge this year and their suggestion was to walk 1000 miles between 1 January and 31 December 2015.  With that in mind I set up my own "Walk 1000 miles in 2015" facebook page and invited all my facebook friends to join me.

As we all know not everyone likes walking but a number of my friends decided to join me in this challenge and others that don't walk are supporting us by following our posts on the page. There are people in our group from all over the country - Leeds and London are two examples, and we're all cracking on and building up our totals.

Today's post is about one of my local walks because I thought you (the reader of this blog) might like to see what it's like around the area I live in in Northumberland. In my spare time I'm a volunteer health walk leader and next Wednesday it's my turn to lead the walk so today we (myself, Heidi and the Hubster) did the recce.

Behind our house is a field with a footpath that leads down to the river - it's always really blustery and chilly going over this path in the winter so don't be mislead by the blue sky - it was bitter cold and there was still frost on the ground near the trees!  

There isn't really too much to say about the walk except that it was very pleasant and we met, as usual, loads of people walking their dogs and today Heididog was very good and very friendly towards them.  What started off as a chilly, breezy walk ended as a very warm and not quite so windy one.  So, here's some photos of our walk today. Hope you enjoy them.

Gavin and Heidi Crossing the River Wansbeck on the Sheepwash Bridge

Lovely view from the bridge

Heidi just about to leg it into the trees for a good old sniff and run around

Do I HAVE to sit here and pose like this when there's more sniffing to do???

The path goes under the Wansbeck Bridge

Then we go over the bridge and across the road back home.  
The Black Bridge in the distance

Nearly home - if it was an hour later the pub would be open then we might have had to stop and refresh ourselves with a nice beverage haha

Hope you've enjoyed it - speak to you again soon.

Toodles - Paula :)

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