9 March 2015

Dufton - A nice 3 mile bimble - 8 March 2015

The 1st of March was the opening date of Whitegate Caravan Park where we own a lovely caravan holiday home so at the first opportunity we winged it down the A1 and over the A66 for a weekend in paradise. We just love this place, and it's our second home but we're still not too familiar with the area and still finding our way around. The walking around here is just brilliant and relatively people free which is just fine by us.  

We're expecting visitors here next weekend and are walking from Dufton to High Cup Nick so today we decided to go check out where we were going to start the walk from and have a nice, short bimble just to stretch the legs.  Plus, Heidi hasn't been too well this last week so although she looks like she has loads of energy we didn't want to overdo it so thought a nice 3 mileish walk would be just perfect.

Signposts everywhere making the route to High Cup Nick easy to find

The weather was great only raining once for about 5 minutes and we had perfect views showing us exactly what the walking is like around this area.
 We spoke to a lady who was local and she told us of at least four walks that we should do - and we will.  One of the things she said was that she loved how uncrowded these fells were as opposed to the Lake District which is true, but the Lakes is still our joint first love (along with our home turf, Northumberland) so we will definitely be not giving up walking in either of these places but will definitely be trying out some "local" walks. 

At first glance it looked like it was going to be really muddy but it wasn't too bad

Beautiful views - bliss! 

The Hubster with One Girl's dog

It was a tad windy - no wonder Heidi's got her eyes shut

One Girl and her Dog with Dufton Pike behind with the Lake District in the background

We'd hoped to get Dufton Pike in the background but it was obscured by our fat heads haha!

Next weekend we should be doing the whole walk around High Cup Nick so I'll add some more photos to the end of this post to let you see the rest of the walk.

Watch this space!

Toodles - Paula :)

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